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How Our Packages Help:

  • For Individuals: Capture life’s important moments or enhance personal branding.
  • For Businesses: Improve visibility, brand image, and online engagement, driving growth.
  • For Everyone: Save money with bundled services tailored to meet diverse needs efficiently.

Photography & Videography Packages

1. Essential Visual Pack – Starting at $900

  • What’s Included: Up to 4 hours of photography or videography, basic post-production, 20 photo edits.
  • Perfect For: Individuals and small businesses needing quality visuals on a budget. Ideal for headshots, personal branding, and small events.Personal branding, headshots, and small family events.
  • Benefits: Enhances online presence and provides professional-grade visuals without breaking the bank.Cost-effective for startups and personal branding.
  • High-quality visuals to kickstart your online presence.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Cost-effective package designed for individuals or small businesses looking to enhance their visual portfolio without extensive investment.

2. Business Growth Pack – Starting at $1,200

Perfect for established businesses and special events.

  • What’s Included: Up to 8 hours of comprehensive photography or videography coverage, advanced editing, 40 photo edits.
  • Perfect For: Growing businesses looking to expand their reach. Suitable for product launches, fashion shoots, and corporate events.
  • Benefits: Boosts brand image and market visibility with high-quality, diverse visual content.Ideal for product launches, corporate events, and professional portfolios.
  • Enhanced visuals with creative direction.
  • Ideal For: Medium-sized events, product launches, or comprehensive personal shoots.
  • Benefits: Offers deeper customization and variety, perfect for growing businesses or personal projects seeking to stand out.

3. Platinum Visuals Package – Starting at $3,000

The ultimate choice for luxury brands and grand events.

  • What’s Included: Full-day premium photography or videography service, artistic direction, 60 photo edits, and a dedicated content manager.
  • Perfect For: Established brands and large-scale projects demanding the highest level of sophistication and creativity.
  • Benefits: Elevates brand prestige with exclusive, top-tier visual storytelling and bespoke content strategy.Perfect for high-end advertising, weddings, and major events.
  • Weddings, large-scale events, or high-end personal and commercial projects.
  • Benefits: The ultimate photography experience, providing extensive coverage and artistic direction to capture all dimensions of your special occasion or project.

We specialize in event, commercial, and promotional videography.

Absolutely, we tailor our packages to meet specific project requirements.

Rates depend on the project’s scope and duration.

Standard video shoots usually last 2-5 hours.

Final videos are generally delivered within 3-6 weeks.

We offer complete video editing and post-production services.

Plan the objectives of your shoot and communicate any specific requests.

Clients can select locations or seek our guidance for suitable venues.

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